Nodeware is a patent-pending vulnerability management solution that works continuously to monitor your network for risks and close the security gap. Nodeware is deployed through a virtual machine or hardware sensor to continuously identify IP addresses (devices) within the network, detect vulnerabilities in the devices, and notify users of the necessary remediation steps to fix those vulnerabilities and better secure the network.
Nodeware scans continuously to locate and identify every device with an IP address connected to a network, including computers, routers, printers, mobile devices, and smart devices. Once identified, Nodeware begins 24/7 scanning of all connected devices to locate vulnerabilities, such as missing software patches. Nodeware also performs scans of external IP addresses (interfaces and websites) on demand or as scheduled by the user. All scan information, including all identified devices and vulnerabilities, is displayed and prioritized on the Nodeware dashboard, including instructions for remediation.
The Nodeware Dashboard, accessed through the Reseller and Customer Portals, provides visibility into all customers, all networks, and all devices on any given account. The intuitive dashboard gives users the ability to quickly see a visual snapshot of the health of each network, efficiently manage networks, and download comprehensive vulnerability reports. The user can also opt in to receive email alerts for new devices and critical vulnerabilities, which are also easily visible on the dashboard.
Nodeware is designed for use by SMEs due to its simplicity and price point. The solution is flexible based on the size and needs of a business, and is equally effective for a network with a handful of desktop or hundreds of devices of all types.
Nodeware is unique from its competitors in that it provides always-on, real-time vulnerability scanning AND device inventory at a low cost and ease of use that’s ideal for businesses of all sizes. Nodeware distills vulnerability management to the IT level, so there is no need for a dedicated security expert to deploy the solution, manage devices, and monitor the network. Nodeware also allows for scanning of external IPs, either on-demand or on a pre-scheduled basis. Nodeware has the added benefit of low network utilization—well below 5% whereas many similar products require up to 70%.
Visit https://nodeware.com/calculator and enter your number of physical locations, subnets, and other basic network questions to immediately calculate how many sensors you will need.
One sensor can scan up to four subnets, provided you are using layer 2 switching.
Yes, Nodeware performs both internal and external scanning. External scans are done on-demand, or you can set up regular, pre-scheduled scans at any frequency (monthly, annually, etc.)
If you are currently running a virtual environment with VMware or Hyper-V, you will likely want to deploy the virtual sensor option. If you don’t currently operate in a virtual environment but would like to, please contact our virtualization team at virtualization@igius.com or download a free trial of VMware Player prior to implementing Nodeware. If you would like to trial Nodeware in a virtual environment for free, click here.
Yes, we offer 7-day free trials of Nodeware virtual machine. To access the trial, you need to be running a virtual environment with VMware or Hyper-V. If you are not currently in a virtual environment, you can get a free trial of VMware Player to run Nodeware during the 7-day trial.
Most questions can be answered by visiting Nodeware provides direct sales and technical support to our agent and reseller channel, who in turn provide support for their own customers. Resellers can access support through the Reseller Portal or by visiting nodeware.com/support.