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Secure your organization against the most critical cyber risks with Nodeware Vulnerability Management.

Protect against the most critical cyber risks with Nodeware Vulnerability Management.


How confident are you in your organization’s security posture?

If your answer isn’t 100%, you’re not alone. Most organizations aren’t doing enough to protect their data.

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving, which makes protecting against malicious attacks extremely challenging. 



As the latest security innovation from cybersecurity firm IGI, Nodeware helps your organization achieve and maintain an effective security posture by identifying your greatest risks and weaknesses—before malicious outsiders can take advantage of them.

Your network has thousands of entry points, and Nodeware continuously scans each one to identify and analyze vulnerabilities, then shortens and simplifies remediation across your network, web, mobile, virtual, and IoT infrastructure to improve your security posture and increase operational efficiency.



Inventory Scans


Vulnerability Scans


Hosts Protected


24/7 Network and IoT Discovery

Replace the annual, high-priced vulnerability scan with around-the-clock monitoring. Nodeware continuously discovers assets on the network with up-to-the-minute profiling and fingerprinting.


Real-Time Threat Monitoring

Through continuous network scanning that’s non-disruptive, Nodeware identifies and prioritizes vulnerabilities, alerts users, then informs actions to remediate the vulnerabilities. 


Cyber Risk Analysis and Scoring

It’s easy to gauge the state of your security posture with Nodeware’s unique Network Health Scoring that uses the most accurate and up-to-date data and puts it in context, like a credit score.  


Put Nodeware to work.


Understand Your Security Posture

From the moment you begin using Nodeware, you can gauge your network health with a simple Network Health Score and see network activity with custom email alerts for new assets and risks.


Achieve Security Compliance

Vulnerability scanning is a required security standard for many industries and an essential security function for any organization. With automated scanning you can ensure compliance and ongoing maintenance of your security posture.


Access Detailed Reports

Comprehensive reports are available on demand to report remediation progress to executives, auditors, and IT staff and are accessible through the Nodeware platform and API.


Scale to Your Needs

Unparalleled affordability for SMBs, yet scalable and powerful enough for Enterprise use, including those with multiple subnets, firewalls, VLANS, and disparate locations. Nodeware can be run virtually through VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V, or with the Intel® NUC hardware.


See how it works.

Most major breaches and cyberattacks stem from hackers identifying and exploiting a vulnerability, or weakness, in your network. Still, vulnerability management is a critical component to securing a network that is often overlooked.