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Secure your organization against the most critical cyber risks with Nodeware Vulnerability Management.

Vulnerability Management

The importance of identifying and remediating your network vulnerabilities.


Most major breaches and cyberattacks stem from hackers identifying and exploiting a vulnerability, or weakness, in your network. Yet, Vulnerability Management is a critical component to securing a network that is often overlooked.

Vulnerability Management is much more effective that the typical one-time network scan that provides a snapshot of your network status at a single point in time. Nodeware works around the clock, continuously identifying vulnerabilities on your network and providing the steps to remediate them.

Common vulnerabilities stem from:

  • Failure to perform updates on operating systems, firmware, or web servers

  • Operating Systems past their End of Life

  • Missing patches for running software and services

  • Misconfiguration of network equipment, including open or unused ports

  • Insecure WiFi Access credentials

  • Default credentials, such as not changing vendor-provided passwords

Nodeware also works in concert with other defensive solutions, such as firewalls and antivirus, enabling more effective patch management and expediting the remediation process. Vulnerability Management is an essential layer of security that fills a critical gap while enhancing the function of other security solutions.


How Nodeware Works



From the moment you activate your Nodeware Sensor, it begins to enumerate your network looking at all network-connected devices, including laptops, mobile phones, IoT devices, and network infrastructure. This inventory process repeats every minute, giving you a real-time view into the devices connected to your network.

Once a device has been discovered, Nodeware begins to identify key attributes including hostnames, device manufacturer information, and running operating system. This fingerprinting process is triggered by the arrival of new devices or significant changes in known devices.


With the device profile information as a guide, Nodeware builds a custom vulnerability profile. Vulnerability scans are run continuously against a subset of available devices, to give you the latest threat profile. Devices are prioritized based on a number of factors, with new and unknown device being scanned when they arrive on your network and known devices being reexamined based on their risk score.


Nodeware makes it simple to understand what your cybersecurity risk level is by quantifying it through a network health score. The score is an assessment of the number of vulnerabilities, their severity, and the likelihood of exploitation to plainly show you how your security posture measures up. Nodeware presents fixes for those vulnerabiltiies in a format that’s easily managed and fixed by the average IT professional, without requiring a dedicated security expert.

You can see your risk mitigation efforts in action as your score continuously improves with ongoing monitoring and remediation.

Manage your security with Nodeware's intuitive dashboard.