SMB Users

We’ve made continuous network vulnerability monitoring easier and more affordable than ever.

While the need for effective cybersecurity grows more critical by the day, the ability for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) to identify and manage vulnerabilities in their networks has remained far more limited than their larger counterparts—until now.

Nodeware fills the security gap

  • Continuous monitoring of your network means 24x7 real-time vulnerability detection
  • Offers superior protection at a cost that’s affordable for businesses of all sizes

Nodeware simplifies vulnerability management

  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Requires minimal training
  • Intuitive, easy-to-navigate dashboard takes the guesswork out of identifying and fixing vulnerabilities
  • Outlines remediation steps when vulnerabilities are identified

Nodeware is designed for SMBs

  • Many network security products require up to 70% network utilization—Nodeware uses less than 5%, allowing your network to continue operating efficiently
  • Nodeware is flexible based on your size and needs—equally effective whether your network has a handful of desktop computers or hundreds of devices of all types
Nodeware Diagram

Get a 360-degree view of your network, including external IPs

Nodeware is a patent-pending vulnerability management solution that simplifies security for SMBs. The simple plug and play solution takes the guesswork out of vulnerability management—continuously identifying IP addresses within the network, detecting vulnerabilities, and notifying you of remediation steps to address those vulnerabilities.

Nodeware is the latest innovation brought to you by Infinite Group Inc., a publicly traded company founded in 1986 focused on IT service and support for enterprises and SMBs.
Nodeware is a true plug and play solution that takes only a few minutes to set up within a business’ network. Nodeware then locates and identifies every device with an IP address connected to a network—including computers, printers, routers, smartphones, smart devices, and any other component of the Internet of Things—as well as external IP addresses.

Once identified, Nodeware commences 24x7 scanning of all connected devices, looking for vulnerabilities such as missing software patches. The solution includes on-demand scanning of external websites and public-facing IPs.

All scan information, including identified vulnerabilities, is displayed and prioritized in an easy-to-read manner, including instructions for remediation. Businesses can view the system dashboard and be alerted to critical issues via email or text. Plus, a proprietary scoring system makes it easy to understand a network’s health.
Nodeware is tailored for SMBs, and is flexible based on the needs and size of businesses. The solution is equally effective whether your network has a handful of desktops or hundreds of devices of all types.
Nodeware is unique in that it provides “always on,” real-time vulnerability detection at a cost that’s affordable for businesses of all sizes. Nodeware users have access to continuous monitoring and visibility of their network. An added benefit for SMBs is that Nodeware has very low network utilization — less than 5% — while most products require closer to 70%.
The Nodeware Manager is a real-time dashboard that gives SMBs the ability to easily identify and remediate vulnerability issues. The proprietary Security Protection Factor (SPF) scoring system gives businesses a visual snapshot of their network health. Data is downloadable in a variety of formats for various reporting needs.
All that is required for Nodeware to operate is a standard power outlet and an Ethernet port. Nodeware is a true plug-and-play solution that can be up on a network in five minutes or less.
To learn more about Nodeware, call our team at 1-800-385-0610. Businesses can locate a Nodeware reseller by contacting us directly.