Plug it in and start monitoring your networks for vulnerabilities within minutes. Network vulnerabilities make you an attractive target for malicious activity.

Nodeware automates 24 x 7 monitoring with easy to understand workflow for your environment. Easily interpreted dashboards, alert mechanisms, a guide to fixing your vulnerabilities and more make this product unique.

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Our Vulnerability Management Solution is compact, automatic and efficient. We have simplified the process of managing network vulnerabilities to provide an unparalleled user experience. Nodeware eliminates another layer of confusion in cybersecurity.

Display Screen

Status indication of tasks

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Plug & Play

No more complicated configurations

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Quality Manufacturing

Built to survive any environment

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Approximate Size

3.5 in (L) X 2.5 in (W) X 2.5 in (H) )

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Network View

Quick access to "SPF" (security protection factor) and device inventory

Endpoint Inventory

MAC/IP addr, hostname - OS

Access Customers

Access all your customers vulnerability data

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This video shows some main features of our vulnerability solution. Explore how it can secure your network.

General questions
Nodeware is a vulnerability management system designed to solve and simplify the complex tasks associated with internal and external network vulnerabilities. Nodeware’s patent pending technology simplifies network management with a plug and play approach and work flow. Our unique approach to identification, monitoring and presentation make Nodeware extremely effective.
Nodeware collects inventory of every host or device on your internal and external networks with a continuously scanning proprietary engine.
Our real time dashboard gives you all of the information you need regarding your network health. Nodeware’s Security Protection Factor (SPF), assigns a score from 0-1000 to give you a visual snapshot. Data is downloadable in variety of formats (csv, xml or json) for your reporting needs.
Nodeware is designed to install seamlessly on any network that provides DHCP IP addressing. Each appliance has easy to use instructions that walk you through the process of installing the product. The instructions are included with each device and there is a video available to walk you through the process as well. It is located at
Besides a standard power outlet and an ethernet port, the Nodeware solution is plug and play with easy to follow installation instructions and a use guide. Other supporting documentation is available.
Yes, Nodeware is isolated and protected from normal internet traffic. It communicates with our secure cloud via a secure encrypted data transmission layer.
Nodeware constantly runs in the background and is continuously scanning a customer's network for any vulnerabilities. This includes any device with an IP that is connected to the specific customer's network. Through proprietary software, It also identifies and alerts you to new devices and IPs that come onto your network. Once identified, these new devices are automatically submitted for vulnerability scanning.
Free trial subscriptions are available at
Nodeware is a device driven solution which scans networks for vulnerabilities. Data and reporting is available as a cloud service accessed through our web based UI. We also have a partner portal for our channel partners to manage their accounts and customers through.
We identify and scan mobile devices when they appear on the network. There will be additional functionality for mobile devices in future releases.
Trial requests are available at
IGI provides support to the channel partner through our knowledge portal and via email/phone.
Currently, we have only enabled the product to be sold in North America with plans for expansion in later 2016.
Yes. We offer initial training to get your organizaiton and team up to speed. Our channel sales and support team is available to assist you.


Learn how Nodeware can help you create recurring revenue and add more top line revenue through remediation.

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